Why the tall boys?

Posted: February 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

When I first started the blog at Diamond Cuts and Wax Stains, I thought it would be worthwhile to have a particular set on which to focus.  I picked the 1964-65 Topps Tall Boys release as it was both iconic and not seen all that often.  It’s the first set that Topps ever made that covered the entire NHL (they had always split the NHL with Parkhurst due to team-by-team licensing rights) and it was the first (and last) release of this extremely odd size.

What happened along the way is that I ended up rarely posting cards from the set.  I kept waiting for appropriate moments and basically forgot the entire thing.  I think the cards are much better suited standing together in their own home.

I will repost the first six and then start fresh at number seven.


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